I suppose I’ve always been an artist. You can ask any kid under the age of five if they consider themselves to be artistic or creative and they will tell you "yes." It seems like only a few short years later we cross that characteristic off the list of our capabilities because we can’t draw as neatly as the girl that sits next to us who never colors outside of the lines. Needless to say, I was one of those kids, untapped artistic minds discouraged from pursuing any line of art. Apparently during my senior year of high school all I needed to discover this creative potential locked within me was a 35mm camera, a few high school art classes and one hell of an art teacher.

During my educational pursuit following high school, I tried on a lot of different options. Although I knew I was an artist, somewhere along the line, I became interested in human biology and medicine. When I took my first anatomy & physiology course, I knew I had found a new exciting passion. Utterly enraptured by the inner workings of the human body, I spent hours each day eagerly studying, nose-deep in my textbook, remembering the names of each part by making anatomical drawings, based on medical illustrations. These colorful images wallpapered different rooms in my apartment, causing remarkably odd conversation pieces as wall decoration.

Even after excelling in my A & P courses, I still couldn’t get some of these amazing structures out of my head. For example, one of my favorites is the nephron. The basic structural and functional unit of the kidney is also one of the coolest looking structures in the body. At this time, my educational goals shifted away from science and back to the arts. Since I didn’t have to study anatomy anymore, I decided to paint boldly and brightly as I could imagine. So I spent the next several months creating painting after painting covering my favorite parts of the human body, tying together various components of each organ system in surprising ways which appeared to impress my friends and family. I created a website to see if I could get my artwork out into the world. To my delight, this quickly turned out to be a success. Within the first few months, I had begun receiving offers for my artwork. My artwork is now in several countries, including Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, and New Zealand.